"Manufacture Control Cable & Window Regulator"

Maximizing Employee Creativity and Originality for a Better Tomorrow.

Makoto Teraura
President of Hi-Lex Corporation

Since the birth on Hi-Lex Corporation in 1946, our company has recognize the value of control cable technology. We have worked to explore its potensial, engaging in a variety or research and development activities. Many of the resulting new techologies have been industry and world firsts. Areas of innovation and production technologies and quality assurance system.

Our achievements in these and other fields have been the product of the earnest efforts or our employees. They work with tireless energy and creativity to meet our users every need. Indeed, I believe their ingenuity and eagerness are our company's most valuable assets.

Today's complex, high-tech society demands unfailing reliability and performance. Our control cables boast a simple structure and reliable operation that meet these demands perfectly. These superior cables are expected to find wide application in many fields.

We will continue to foster creativity and innovation in our employees. And through the work of our superb staff, we will continue to after reliable, high-performance products that contribute to world prosperity both today and tommorow.

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